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Google Certified and social media experts, we can assist you in growing your social media...

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Artist Relations brings the spotlight to the artists as well as your brand. Your brand showcased front and center. We drive engagement with consumers and fans via social media. We have endorsers live on Facebook answering questions on your social media channel. This reaches a broader social audience. Consumers and fans are able to see your product, ask the artists questions for 1 hour, and engage with the artist in a way they could never do so previously. The artist can promote tour dates and new releases. Previous artists that have done this are Chet Roberts, guitarist with 3 Doors Down, (over 6 million followers on Facebook.)


The late Johnny Winter engaged in a Q and A promoted by Artist Relations as well as Jeff Waters guitarist from Annihilator, Bill Kelliher guitarist with Mastodon, and Jordan Rudess with Dream Theater (over 6 million followers.) With our social media broadcast center located in our new Ft. Knox Nashville facility, you'll have an even greater reach.


Artist Relations monitors social media constantly. We follow your brands as well as 1000’s of artists to seize the opportunity to promote the brand as well as the artists.


24/7/365 we are here!

Our mission is to teach the artists how to become a brand ambassador. We love what we do and it is a pleasure to teach both the brand and the artists how to engage via social media platforms.  Artist Relations is a hands-on service.






Multiple Events


Assisting in-house staff

Artist Relations will review your social media presence and help your brand get real engagement from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other critical social sites.


We will teach you how should you respond to positive and negative comments? Artist Relations will help you acquire and engage new and existing artists. Integrate multiple channels for maximum exposure and engagement. Leverage the latest social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  & YouTube.

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